Tuesday, April 6, 2010

General Knowledge

1 Who is called Indian Napolean?

Ans:- Samudhra Gupthan

2 How Many Planets are in Solar System ?

Ans:- 8

3 Which is the Highest Monument in India?

Ans:- Taj Mahal

4 How many spokes are there in our National flag?

Ans:- 24

5 Who was the first woman to receive Nobel Prize?

Ans:- Marie Curie

6 Kundara Vilambaram was a pronouncement by

Ans:- Veluthampi Dalava

7 The Periyar Tiger Sanctuary is located in the district

Ans:- Idukki

8 Maraman Convention is held on the banks of river

Ans:- Pampa

9 Paralysis is caused by disorders connected with

Ans:- Brain

10 "Yaksha Gana" is the folk dance of "

Ans:- Karnataka

11 Human Rights day is observed on

Ans:- December 10

12 The number of West flowing rivers in Kerala?

Ans:- 41

13 Who is the First Winner of Jnanpith award?

Ans:- G.Sankarakurup

14 Bekal Fort is situated in the district of

Ans:- Kasargod

15 The Dance form Mohiniyattom was originated in

Ans:- Kerala

16 Who is the father of Economics?

Ans:- Adam Smith

17 Who has the right to open a cheque by cancelling the crossing

Ans:- Drawer

18 Decimal system of numbers has it s origin from

Ans:- India

19 An example of an amphibian

Ans:- Frog

20 An animal which conserves water for very long time

Ans:- Kangaroo rat

21 The first digit from the left on PIN code indicates

Ans:- Postal Zone

22 Great Britain is divided into 4 areas. Three of these are England, Ireland and Scotland. Which is the fourth ?

Ans:- Wales

23 Alga is found in

Ans:- Water

24 Speed of sound is maximum in

Ans:- Steel

25 Bhatnagar Award is given for the best work in

Ans:- Science

26 "Mohajir Quami Movement" is an ethnic group in which of the following countries ?"

Ans:- Pakisthan

27 The first woman Chief Minister of South India ?

Ans:- Janaki Ramachandran

28 Which of the following festival is celebrated in Gujarat ?

Ans:- Dang Festival

29 "England and Australia fight for "Ashes " then England and West Indies for"

Ans:- Wisdens Trophy

30 The plant which use Ammonia directly

Ans:-  Paddy


31 "Political Freedom is the breath of a Nation" the slogan given by

Ans:- Aurobindo Ghosh

32 The Canal which connects Mediteranian Sea with Red Sea

Ans:- Suez Canal

33 Chemical Disaster Prevention Day was created on which day

Ans:- December-4

34 Swayamsidha is an integrated scheme for which of the following ?

Ans:- Women Empowerment

35 Rome is situated on the banks of the river

Ans:- Tiber

36 P.T.Sivakumar Sharma is associated with

Ans:-  Santoor

37 Where are battle tanks made in India ?

Ans:- Avadi

38 Which writs is issued bya high court commanding a person or a body to his or its duty ?

Ans:- Mandamus

39 Article 40 of Indian Constitution lays down the establishment of

Ans:- Village Panchayath

40 The largest Carnivorous fish is

Ans:- Shark

41 Gun Powder invented by

Ans:- Rogor Bacor

42 "Poolu" is "

Ans:- French Solidiers

43 "Take care to get what you like, or you will be forced to like what you get"

Ans:- G.B.Shaw

44 Who is the first Indian Batsman to cross 10000 runs in Tests ?

Ans:-  Sunil Gavaskar

45 When iron rusts, its weight

Ans:- Increases

46 The Birbal Sahini Institute of Paleobotany is located in

Ans:-  Lucknow

47 "Operation Gentlemen" is related to"

Ans:- Cricket Match Fixing

48 Which of the following is not an example of Direct Tax

Ans:- (a) Income Tax (b)Wealth Tax (c)Gift Tax (d)Sales Tax

Ans:- SalesTax

49 "Government By a One Man" is called"

Ans:- Autocracy

50 Interpol was setup in the year

Ans:- 1923

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