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LDC 2007 -Previous Question Paper with Solved answers

LDC 2007 -Previous Question Paper with Solved answers

1. The old name of Allahabad was

2. Waterloo, famous for the battle of waterloo (1815) lies in

3. The largest producer of milk in the world is

4. Al-Queda is a terrorist organization led by
   Osama Bin Laden.

5. The first Indian to give a speech in Hindi at the UN general Assembly

6. The only congress session presided over by Mahatma Gandhi

7. The world's highest observatory has been commissioned at

8. The first democratic country in the world to legalise mercy killing  (euthanasia)

9. What is the Soudi Arabian currency called

10.Where is India's silicon valley situated?

11.The world's biggest aid donor country is

12.The first Muslim President of Indian National Congress was
    Badruddin Tyabji.

13. Sri Perumbudur is famous as the birth place of

14.My Music, My Life is the autobiography of

   Pandit Ravi Shankar

15.What is the color of the Dharma Chakra in the middle of our National Flag

  Nav y Blue.

17.The year in which Delhi replaced Calcutta as the capital of India


18.The first Jain Tirthankara was


19.Savanna grass lands are found in


20.The river associated with the annual pilgrimage to Sabharimala


21.The highest gravity dam of the world is the

   Bhakra dam.

22.Which Sikh guru was executed by Aurangzeb

  Guru Thegbahadur.

23.The slogan "Inzuilab Zindabad " was first raised

   Bhagat Singh.

24.Where is the tomb of Shahjahan situated.

   Taj Mahal

25.What is the normal blood sugar level of human being?

   80-120 mg/dl.

26.Decimal coinage system was introduced in India in the year


27.Which is the ocean in which the current Kuroshio is circulating

   North Pacific Ocean.

28.Satyameva Jayate has been taken from

   Mundaka Upanishad.

29.India's one billionth baby is named



30.Name the plane in which Netaji Subash Chandra Bose was travelling when it crashed

  Sally Bomber.

31.Mitochondria is the centre of

   Cellular respiration.

32.Anti Biotic Pencillin is obtained from


33.Bleeding of gums and loosening of teeth is caused due to the

deficiency of

Vitamin C

34.The first Indian women to win a medel in Olympics

   Karnam Malleswari

35.Name the first ever space tourist

   Dennis Tito

36.The rights related to control over Panama canal has changed hands from USA to


37.The name of the first Indigenously developed civilian air craft of India is


38.September 5 is observed as the

   Teacher's Day

39.Where was the tallest statue of lord Buddha installed?



40.From where was GSAT -1 Launched ?


41.Who is the author of the book Fury is:

   Salman Rushdie

42.Who is the first Indian to take hatrick in an international test?

   Harbhajan Singh

43.The device whichconverts A C to D C is:


44.What is the interval between two Maha Kumbha melas at the same place:

  12 years

45.Which state of India has shown as the highest increase in female

literacy rate between 1991 and 2001 cenuses


46.The person who designed the Param Vir Chakra

    Eva (Savitri Bai).

47. The 13 stripes in the UN Flag stands for

    Orginal states.

48. Country's first womens central jail has been created at

    Tihar complex.

49. The author of popular children's series


50. Amirstar Golden temple was built by

    Arjan Dev.

                                                                                                                             Thanks Mrs.Kavitha


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