Monday, February 22, 2010

General Awareness-PART IV

General Awareness

76. "Connecting People," is the by line of which company—
(A) Philips
(B) Motorola
(C) Ericsson
(D) Nokia

77. Which founding father pioneered the idea of a national bank?
(A) Hamilton
(B) Jefferson
(C) Washington
(D) Adams

78. Who was Karl Marx's main collaborator on his famous works?
(A) V I Lenin
(B) Max Weber
(C) Fredrick Engles
(D) Joseph Stalin

79. Which of the following foreign partner / collaborator pair is not Correct?
(A) HTA; J.Walter Thomson
(B) Chaitra; Leo Burnett
(C) O and M; WPP Group
(D) Mudra; DMB&B

80. Hewlett Packard, the famous Computer company is named after—
(A) Its promoters, Hewlett and Packard                
(B) The city in which they commenced their operation initially
(C) The street in which their first office was located.
(D) None of these

81. Who's 'curve' did President Reagan use as the basis for his 'Trickle Down' economic policy?
(A) Keynes
(B) Ricardo
(C) Laffer
(D) Smith

82. Which group of people have been involved in the terrorist activities and rampant killing spree after the death of King Birendra in Nepal?
(A) The Gurkhas
(B) The Maoists
(C) The Khukris
(D) The Awomi clan

83. This company is the first to develop a new handheld computer series featuring a combination of Intel components and Microsoft software?
(A) HP
(B) Sony
(C) Compaq
(D) Acer

84. Which of the following companies was forced to shutdown its digital music service because of music industry lawsuits for piracy?
(A) Musiccity
(B) Morpheus
(C) Livewire
(D) Napster

85. Who was sued recently by BIAX for infringement of computer patents?
(A) HP
(B) Compaq
(C) Microsoft
(D) Apple

86. Which country is the largest producer of natural rubber in the world?
(A) Malaysia
(B) Indonesia
(C) Thailand
(D) Burma

87. With which of the following companies has the Department of Posts and Telegraph of India tied up to provide a comprehensive range of financial services?
(A) LIC of India
(B) Corporation Bank
(C) Master Card International
(D) Visa International

88. Which cable network is to be the sole provider of sports information to MSN?
(A) STAR Sports
(D) Channel 9

89. Who is the current Defense Secretary of the United States of America?
(A) Donald Rumsfeld
(B) Colin Powell
(C) Mr. Ashcroft
(D) Dick Cheney

90. Beech King and Cessna are popular models of—
(A) Cars
(B) Aircraft
(C) Ships
(D) Transport vans

91. Which antibiotic can cure Anthrax, if detected at an early stage?
(A) Amoxycillin
(B) Erythromycin
(C) Cephalospirin
(D) Ciprofloxacin

92. The farmers of _______________ were involved in violent protests against falling rice prices and US-led globalization as symbolized by WTO?
(A) France
(B) Indonesia
(C) Denmark
(D) S.Korea

93. Which of the following chemicals has been recently allowed by the Government of India to be mixed with petrol?
(A) Methanol
(B) Ethanol
(C) Kerosene
(D) Butanol

94. Which of the year in which Md. Ghazni first invaded India?
(A) 1220 A.D
(B) 1001 A.D
(C) 1348 A.D
(D) 1196 A.D

95. Which is the longest running stage play in the world?
(A) The Cats
(B) The Mouse Trap
(C) Three Blind Mice
(D) Romeo and Juliet

96. "Be the first to know" is the baseline of which company?
(B) STAR News

97. Which advertising agency took over the agency Saatchi and Saatchi last year to become one of the largest advertising firms in the world?
(A) Euro RSCG
(B) Publicis
(C) Young and Rubicam
(D) Havas

98. India's first private FM radio station Radio City opened in Bangalore recently. Which company is the promoter behind this venture?
(A) The Times of India
(B) Mid-Day
(C) Star India
(D) Zee

99. Which bathing soap advertises with the baseline, 'For total skincare since 1918' in India?
(A) Camay
(B) Mysore Sandal
(C) Hamam
(D) Lux

100. The NewYork Mayor Rudolph Guiliani rejected a $10 mn donation offered by this billionaire prince.
(A) Prince Awaleed Bin Talal of S.Arabia
(B) Prince Ahmed Bin Tariq of S.Arabia
(C) Prince Md. Shah of Iran
(D) Prince Khaleel Mohammed of Persia


76.D        77.A        78.C        79.D        80.A

81.C        82.B        83.A        84.D        85.D

86.C        87.C        88.A        89.B        90.B

91.D        92.D        93.B        94.B        95.B

96.D        97.B        98.C        99.B        100.A


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