Monday, February 22, 2010

General Awareness PART V

 General Awareness 

101. Which one of the following partnership in the domestic insurance sector is INCORRECT?
(A) HDFC - Standard Life
(B) Birla - Sun Life
(C) Tata - Allianz
(D) Max - New York Life

102. Royal Stag brand of Whisky is owned by—
(A) United Breweries
(B) Shaw Wallace and Co
(C) Seagram
(D) Mohan Meakin

103. "Everything from cancer to heart attacks. Covered for 70 paise a day," is the baseline of an advertisement by—
(A) Birla Sun Life
(B) Cancer Institute WIA
(C) ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
(D) OM Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance

104. Which Indian woman was recently included in the Fortune magazine's global list of 50 most powerful women in business?
(A) Lalita Gupte
(B) Meena Venkatesh
(C) Rama Bijapurkar
(D) Tina Ambani

105. As per the recent Global Competitiveness Report from the World Economic Forum, which country replaced US as the most competitive economy in the world?
(A) Canada
(B) Sweden
(C) Finland
(D) Singapore

106. What is common to Bethlehem Steel, Polaroid and Swissair?
(A) All companies owned by GE
(B) All recently applied for bankruptcy protection
(C) Their founders committed suicide
(D) All of these companies were recently targets of successful hostile takeover

107. What famous brand name is derived from a combination of two words, which mean 'dead' in French and 'one' in German?
(A) Dettol
(B) Mortein
(C) Martini
(D) Ritter

108. Which is the longest running TV cartoon in history, first launched by Warner Brothers in 1969 exclusively for television, and is now a popular fare on the Cartoon Network?
(A) Scooby Doo
(B) Tom and Jerry
(C) Popeye
(D) Johnny Bravo

109. Which company has recently launched a range of biscuits in India following its takeover of Nutrine confectionery?
(A) Hindustan Lever
(B) Marico
(C) Parke Davis
(D) Sara Lee

110. In the latest Forbes List of wealthiest Americans, 3 out of the top 4 richest men in USA have made their wealth from one company. Which one ?
(A) Standard Oil (Exxon)
(B) Microsoft
(C) De Beers
(D) Berkshire Hathaway

111. Which is the third highest peak in India?
(A) Kanchenjunga
(B) Nanga Parbat
(C) Gasher Brum
(D) Dunagiri

112. Which is the largest airport in the world?
(A) Singapore airport
(B) International airport at Kaula Lumpur
(C) Heathrow at London
(D) King Khalid at Saudi Arabia

113. In which year did Alexander the great die?
(A) 332 B.C
(B) 328 B.C
(C) 323 B.C
(D) 356 B.C

114. In which year did Mahatma Gandhi launch The Dandi March?
(A) 1924
(B) 1930
(C) 1941
(D) 1942

115. Eugenics is the study of
(A) the development of embryos
(B) the merits of legalizing mercy killing
(C) the production of better offspring by careful selection of parents
(D) genetical composition of plant population in relation to their habitats

116. In which year did Thomas Alva Edison invent the electric lamp?
(A) 1854
(B) 1879
(C) 1904
(D) 1888

117. What is the measure of the length of a standard tennis court?
(A) 54 ft
(B) 28 ft
(C) 84 ft
(D) 78 ft

118. Which is the first Asian country to host the Commonwealth Games?
(A) S. Korea
(B) Japan
(C) Malaysia
(D) China

119. Who is the president of the World Bank?
(A) Michel Camdessus
(B) John Wolfensohn
(C) Emeka Anyaoku
(D) Jose Maria Ruda

120. Who was the first Prime Minister of Great Britain?
(A) Richard Travithick
(B) Robert Walpole
(C) Sir George Cayley
(D) Robert Peary

121. Which advertising agency is behind the setting-up, in 1991, of MICA, India's first college focussed on advertising and communications?
(A) Ogilvy and Mather
(B) Saatchi and Saatchi
(C) Mudra
(D) Hindustan Thomson Associates

122. What famous car brand, originally from the former Czechoslovakia, was taken over by Volkswagen in the 1990s?
(A) Skoda
(B) Saab
(C) Piaggio
(D) Volvo

123. What is the title of the original BBC TV series on which the Hindi TV series, Kamzor Kadi Kaun, based?
(A) Who wants to be a millionaire?
(B) Treasure mine
(C) Mastermind
(D) The weakest link

124. The loyalty program of which company is known as "First Citizen's Club"?
(A) Shopper's Stop
(B) ABN Amro Bank
(C) Taj group of Hotels
(D) Air India

125. The following is the baseline found in the ad of which product "The man with the smooth edge"
(A) Four Square cigarettes
(B) Gillette Mach 3 shaving system
(C) Palmolive shaving cream
(D) None of these


101.C     102.C     103.C    104.A    105.C

106.B     107.    B     108.A    109.D    110.B

111.B     112.D      113.C    114.B    115.C

116.B     117.D      118.C    119.B    120.B

121.C     122.A      123.D    124.A    125.A


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